Burberry is in the content business


Saw a brilliant quote this morning from Christopher Bailey the chief creative officer of Burberry.  Goes like this: “We are now as much a media-content company as we are a design company, because it’s all part of the overall experience.” I thought Burberry made raincoats. And scarves.  And apparel.  But no, according to Bailey, Burberry […]


Building a game layer on top of the world

The decade of connectivity is over.  We are entering the decade of influence. And if you believe Seth Priebatsch, the bright, young, really fast talking Princeton dropout CEO of the new mobile gaming platform SCVNGR, nothing influences like gaming dynamics. Think about it. Game dynamics make us show up at designated times (Farmville); they encourage […]


Digital Advertising: perhaps the worst is over (part two)

Digital can be fun, entertaining, interactive and worth our attention. Is it possible to get all of this into standard online ads?

My last post suggested that maybe (not definitely) Apple’s iAds could be good for digital advertising, making them a bit more useful and a little less interruptive. Only time will tell, of course. In the meantime, the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) has also come to realize it hasn’t done enough to make paid online advertising […]


Digital advertising: perhaps the worst is over

Screen shot 2010-09-04 at 4.00.45 PM

If you’re like most people, chances are only .1 percent that you’ve ever clicked on a banner ad. And while that number is pitifully low, it might even misrepresent whatever enthusiasm exists. I know in my case the only time I open an online ad is by accident. Who needs them when there’s Google, YouTube […]