Will Gen Y behavior change the future of marketing?

Participation, sharing and gaming all rolled into one promotion: conceive on your Groupon date and win big

If you are over 30 or 35, chances are that your first relationship with media was as a consumer. You read, watched, viewed and received. But if you’re under 30, chances are pretty good that your first exposure to media was as a participant. You learned early on to post, share, distribute and create. No […]


Five social media recommendations for startups

Share everything you know: a social media strategy that works brilliantly for Best Buy and OK Cupid

Economically, it may be a tough time to start a business. But from a marketing perspective, it couldn’t be better.  Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, location based platforms, and the willingness, if not determination, of consumers to become followers, fans and even participants presents startups with plethora opportunities to attract, engage and influence. Recently I was asked […]


Kudos to Mass Challenge for supporting startup companies

Startups may no long start in a garage, but the spirit of building something from nothing is alive and well

I’ve always loved working with startup companies. Nothing beats the thrill of working side by side with a founding entrepreneur, trying to build a company from scratch, or defining a brand for the first time. I’ve also been really lucky, having worked on the launch of Lotus 1-2-3, Smartfood Popcorn, Monster.com, Oxygen Media, Lending Tree […]


Advertising and marketing have never been so much fun


AdAge has a cover story this week about the exodus of creative talent from the big agencies. Apparently it’s just not fun. Too many meetings, process, budgets, staffing issues. Shit, creative people just want to make stuff. And in big, fat agencies process gets in the way of doing things. Perhaps. But it’s also true […]


The future of social media, according to Gary Shteyngart

Gary Shteyngart on Technology and Social Media from edward boches on Vimeo. Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Shteyngart, the very funny, Russian, American, Jewish author of Absurdistan and more recently Super Sad True Love Story, a dystopian love story set in near future America, a country in decline, at war with […]