How to hire social media strategists

Klout's a cool tool, but is it the best determinate of a candidate?

Earlier this week my friend  Michelle Tripp, blogger/CD/social media consultant asked how Mullen assesses talent when we hire people to develop strategy, content and online presence for our social media clients. Specifically, Michelle wondered if we’d starting using tools like Klout to evaluate someone’s online presence, influence, and community engagement, and if not, did we […]


Re: Today’s Creative Director, BBH’s Kevin Roddy gets it 90 percent right


I give Kevin Roddy a lot of credit for coming out and declaring that creative directors might actually be clueless when it comes to creating ideas for the post digital age. In a guest column in Ad Age, Roddy suggests that traditional CD’s may still know a great idea when they see it, but he […]


SxSW panels from Mullen and friends: hope you’ll vote and comment


It’s that time of year again. When we start thinking about Austin and ribs and digital friends and panel nerd badges. But first, we have to take care of business and do our job influencing, or at least commenting on, the submitted panels and talks. Granted there is no shortage of great panels up at […]


Marriott and the impact of social media: the conclusion

Marriott gave me a great opening to a speech on social media and a lesson in how anyone can create content, distribute that content and influence a brand conversation

If you’ve been here this week you know the story of my dripping hotel room ceiling and my frustration with Marriott’s initial response.  But I’m pleased to report the story has a happy ending for all involved. For starters, the ordeal gave me a brilliant opening to a speech I was making to Sears HC […]