Does short term thinking miss the potential of social media?


As more and more brands race into social media it appears they’re bringing with them the exact same short-term mindset that they apply to advertising campaigns. I hear it all the time. “If we do this (fill in the blank: Twitter, Facebook, blog, whatever) how many (fill in the blank: clicks, inquiries, sales, customers) will […]


Digital ideas, platforms and eco-systems

Harmony - Chinese Symbol

For years, digital agencies have strived to distinguish themselves from traditional advertising agencies that practice digital with the claim that they build platforms – applications and utility that delivery functionality and integrate into people’s lives – while ad agencies come up with digital gimmicks. In fact it was in the news today. As the argument […]


A conversation about environment, culture, social media and donuts

Got a wonderful visit yesterday from Darryl Ohrt, the Prime Minister of Awesome for Humongo. The digital shop is doing a road tour. They’re visiting friends, generating content, and putting social media into action because, well, because they can. They’ve got a video camera to record stuff, Twitter to connect and promote, Vimeo to post […]


Creativity is on the decline just when we need it most


This is bad news. We have just entered the age of crowdsourcing, consumer generated content, and plethora social media tools and technology that enable consumers and spectators to become creators and broadcasters and it turns out this transformational moment coincides with a measurable decline in creativity. You know what that means? I do. If there […]


Marketing lessons from the Grateful Dead

Brian Halligan's and David Meerman Scott's new book, announced today and available in August this year

We’ve heard the concept from Chris Anderson, in his book Free. If you want to ultimately make more money and win more fans you first have to give away a lot of stuff. That’s right, give it away. Like we all do in the social media space. Anderson made a reference to the Grateful Dead, […]