Amazon, Barnes and Noble, are you paying attention to #booksthatchangedmyworld?


I missed it when if first appeared, but #booksthatchangedmyworld, a hashtag created by New Yorker writer Susan Orlean has been getting a fair amount of buzz on Twitter and on blogs over the last week.  The rather long hashtag started as a way for Orlean to catalog her own favorite reads, but as happens on […]


You don’t need a gigantic network to create, experiment and succeed

bucket brigade

I was excited today to make a small donation to The Bucket Brigade, a project that might actually end up a book; presuming Bud Caddell’s attempt at crowdfunding its publication raises enough money. According to Bud’s Kickstarter pledge page, if he manages to solicit $5000 from his social media friends and followers, he’ll have enough […]


Boston’s FutureM: Will it be the next big event?

future m image

There are an awful lot of great digital and social gatherings. SxSWi. PSFK. Internet Week. But I’m pretty excited that this year Boston is about to try something new with the launch of FutureM. Thanks to the inspiration of a bunch of really smart people including folks like Brian Halligan, David Meerman Scott, and the […]


Social media, Facebook, loyalty and the value of a fan

Screen shot 2010-06-21 at 10.09.24 AM

Once again I enjoyed participating on an episode of The Beancast last night with some really smart people that included Mitch Joel, John Wall, Ian Schafer and, of course, Bob Knorpp. We discussed the week’s marketing stories: everything from the plight of independent BP service stations to the likely winners at Cannes. But the topic […]


Do we still need titles?

business card

“What do you do?” “What’s your title?” “What department are you in?” Unfortunately, that’s how we are defined. We are a “copywriter” or a “designer” or a “traditional” advertising type versus a “digital” advertising person. We might be a “car” guy; or worse, not a “car” guy.  We could be a “client,” maybe even the […]