Surround yourself with people who give you energy


Yesterday I had yet another invigorating conversation with John Winsor, founder or Victor & Spoils, committed co-creationist, and author of Flipped. John and I seem to feed off of one another’s passion and ideas.  We rarely have a conversation that doesn’t leave us each energized and thinking about new possibilities. In fact, John called when […]


A brand isn’t what a brand says. A brand is what a brand does.


Doc Searles, co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto, and I have been exchanging thoughts about brands, branding and reputation over on his blog Doc Searls Weblog. (Gotta love the fact that he calls his site a weblog, testament to how long he’s been around.) If you don’t know who Doc Searles is, take a quick peek […]


Flash versus substance

content strategy

My new friend Kristina Halvorson, CEO/founder of Brain Traffic and author of the the highly regarded Content Strategy for the Web came by today for an IRL conversation about web content. Given that many companies are now coming to realize that their thousands of web pages, dozens of microsites, multiple blogs and numerous social accounts […]


Panera introduces “take all you need, pay what you can”

Panera Pay What You Wish

It’s only on occasion that I write something specific on this blog about Mullen or our clients. But once in a while there’s something too good to pass up. This week’s move by Panera Bread to open a “community café,” that allows people to “take what they need and give all they can,” is a […]


The consumer will see you now

see you now

Recently Forrester reported that 67 percent of all consumers think there’s way too much advertising. A staggering 95 percent of them say that most advertising fails to be “honest and authentic.” Not surprising when you consider the majority of advertising is pretty bad. Yet at the same time nearly half of the 450 million users […]