New Jersey, Facebook, social media and the pace of change

Michelle Lauto, the master mind behind the state wide protest

Yes, we all know that there are 450 million people on Facebook, that YouTubers upload the equivalent of 86,000 feature length films (in under 10 minute increments) to the web every week, and that Twitter users tweet more than 50 million times a day. An even more interesting – though maybe not surprising — fact […]


The Kindle, the iPad and the defensive bookseller


I stopped in at my local bookseller today to pick up a copy of Ian McEwan’s Solar. Despite owning a Kindle and an iPad, I still enjoy holding a real book, admiring perfectly kerned type (in this case a digital version of Bembo, originally designed by the Bolognese Renaissance type cutter Francesco Griffo) and feeling […]


Building social brand value

Social brand value results in willingness to pay a higher price for a product or service

This week’s Fast Company has a pretty good piece on what does and doesn’t work in social media. The question they ask is: how do you build social brand value? We should probably start with a different question: what is social brand value? In the past, almost all of a brand’s value derived from the […]


Crowdsourcing creativity: could this actually happen?

boxing glove

Imagine there are two agencies left in a pitch for a beer account.  Four others have been eliminated including the incumbent. But the client, as all clients do, asks for one more round of creative. Both agencies are pretty spent.  Unbeknownst to each other, each agency decides to crowdsource its final round of creative in […]