From SxSW: Thoughts on sharing, participation and human connection

The third and last in a series of posts capturing people’s takeaways from SxSW. The open ended question yielded lots of thoughts and reactions united by the theme of connection. Behind the iPhones and the social networks, actual people Tim Malbon, Founder, Made By Many, London “I didn’t really have a single ‘aha’ moment, but […]


Forrester weighs in on the agency client relationship

Forrester AM

We have entered the era of “adaptive marketing.” We need to move from outbound messages to a more holistic 360-degree approach, from campaigns to experiences, from audiences to individuals. Late last week I got a peek at Forrester’s new report “The Future of Agency Relationships,” a comprehensive four month study based on interviews with more […]


From SxSW: privacy vs sharing

Sharing, from the sometimes useful check-in to the relationships that emerge

Shortly after SxSWi came to an end, I asked a number of people I admire the following question: What is the most actionable takeaway you got from SxSW. Was there a session, a lesson, a soundbite, an example that made you go aha, or that you believe will inspire and or change any of your […]


A social media presentation with a barcode attached

The barcode for my social media presentation to Milwaukee's Ad Workers

This Thursday, March 25th, I have the privilege of speaking to the Milwaukee Ad Workers, United 208.  The event will be held at the Eisner Museum, which is pretty cool. It’s the only museum in America dedicated to advertising. I plan on opening with a short video and the story behind it. (Remember how in […]