Can the iPad bring back print advertising?

The print world may owe a debt of gratitude if the iPad helps save it

I got my start in this business making print ads.  I loved everything about them: the challenge of the blank page; the possibilities of the two-dimensional plane; the art of combining an image and words to yield an idea greater than the sum of the parts; and the chance to create pictures in a reader’s […]


The future of advertising agencies: learnings from Forrester

Leo Burnett, David Ogilvy, James Walter Thompson: ad agencies have been around a long time

It remains the topic du jour.  We talk about it from every conceivable angle: the future of advertising; the future of advertising agencies; the impact of digital on advertising; the new consumer-control; even the death of MadMen. But when Forrester talks about it people listen. A few months ago I participated in Sean Corcoran’s research […]


Creativity: can a new book inspire it?

Books inspire creativity

The week before last I had the privilege of being an interview subject for a comprehensive study on creativity.  Thomas Vogel, an Emerson College professor currently on sabbatical to research and write a book on the topic, inspired me with questions for well over an hour.  Thomas has a very specific hypothesis and framework for […]


Tufts brings video to the college application

I’m not sure what’s more interesting, the fact that the first college to encourage personal videos as part of the application process was Tufts University, a liberal arts college just outside of Boston, or that more than 1000 applicants responded to the optional request. The former shows just how mainstream content creation has become and […]


Good customer service deserves a shout out

Rolls Royce customer service is as legendary as the motorcar

OK, the examples I’m about to share do not rival the legendary tales of Rolls Royce. You may have heard the oft repeated tale of the plutocrat whose Phantom develops a transmission problem in the South of France.  He telegraphs Rolls Royce and that evening while he’s sleeping blissfully in his hotel room, the motorcar […]