It’s time for advertising and social media to work together

Facebook Ad for Creativity Unbound

The debate has raged for a year now. Old media is dead. New media owns the future. Advertising interrupts. Social media engages. Outbound marketing has lost its clout. Inbound marketing delivers greater efficiency.  The fact is they work together.  And most brands need both. Let’s take Facebook as an example. Consider that the social network […]


What you really want to be is a brand that’s loved

By now you’ve seen, read about and possibly shared with others the viral hit of the week: Coca Cola’s Happiness Machine. In fact, you’ve probably already got requests from clients asking for something like that for their brand, too. And who wouldn’t want one? The video got over a million views on YouTube in fewer […]


Share medical procedures via social media


I’m pleased to announce my latest venture, It’s intended to be the first social network site that lets members share their surgical procedures live with friends and followers, both on as well as on a user’s other networks thanks to an API that will enable users to stream live video from surgical scopes […]


Consumer participation and community move from social media to the theatre

donkey show

It’s starting to look like no one wants to sit and watch anymore. Not even at the theatre. At two recent American Repertory Theatre productions, going on now in Cambridge, and Brookline, MA, patrons are part of the performance. In A Donkey Show, a musical riff on Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, the audience mingles with […]


Is your brand attracting creators?

Forrester's Social Media Ladder

We used to watch TV. Now we make the videos. We used to read the content. Now we produce it. We used to look at the pictures. Now we take them, upload them and distribute them. We have evolved from spectators to creators. OK, not all of us, but according to Forrester’s recently updated Social […]