Peparami and crowdsourcing: something to chew on

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Last week Unilever announced the winner of its Peparami crowdsourcing contest.  The client received well over 1000 ideas and couldn’t have been happier.  They paid a small fee to Idea Bounty to run the contest, and a grand total of $15,000 in prizes to the winners, two old ad pros content to sell their concepts […]


The future of advertising? And the answer is…

rubik's cube

There is no shortage of discussion these days about the future of marketing, communications and advertising agencies. Claims and predictions abound. Outbound marketing is dead. The age of interruption is over. Mobile is all that matters. We have ad agencies becoming digital, digital shops striving to become agencies of record, production companies going direct to […]


Should you crowdsource even if you’re only gonna get crap?

angry men

“We’re gonna get crap. I don’t want crap associated with a brand I work on.”  That was the reaction I got this morning from one creative director after proposing to an agency’s management team that they should crowdsource a version of everything they create. I wasn’t recommending a contest or declaring that some random consumer […]


I don’t talk to clients about social media anymore


Maybe it’s time to stop talking to your clients about social media completely. After all social media is not an objective in and of itself. It’s merely a means and a tool to create deeper and more valuable relationships with customers and prospects. What should you be talking about then?  Here are five subjects that […]


Where do you want to be touched?

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You could answer that question in words. But it might be far more interesting to see your answer in a picture. Even more interesting to see a picture that aggregated thousands of people’s answers. And even more interesting than that to see if where you want to be touched is the same place that someone […]