A crowdsourcing ad agency: can it work?

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There is no shortage of ad agencies or ad agency models. Digital agencies, direct agencies, full service agencies, boutique agencies. Add to that the latest model: a crowdsourcing agency.  Yes there has been buzz galore about crowdsourcing in the advertising business for some time. And there’s no shortage of services to provide it:  crowdSpring for […]


Is social media too much to learn?


During  a recent 4As webinar on social media, I asked the nearly 300 participants a simple question. What is your typical clients’ view of social media? There were three choices and subjects couldn’t weight them, they had to pick one. The greatest word of mouth opportunity ever. A new way to get closer to customers […]


Can one Beancast episode solve marketing’s dilemmas?


Last night’s Beancast guests — Crayon’s Joseph Jaffe (come on, admit you envy his self-promotional prowess), the brilliant Ben Kunz, real writer James P. Othmer (The Futurist and Adland), and yours truly — took on what appeared to be a divergent set of subjects. Drawing on the week’s news, host Bob Knorpp’s topics for discussion […]


Creativity and social media

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Today, I gave a webinar for the 4As on creativity in the age of social media. Granted you could get a roomful of people a lot smarter than me and they could debate for hours what it is.  But what the heck, I gave it go. My basic premise was this: in the days of […]