Do we still need the gatekeepers?

Today I had a letter to the editor run in the Boston Globe.  The printed version.  For some reason an article about extending “A reporter’s privilege for Twitterers” inspired me to actually send my thoughts to the Globe’s editors who would scrutinize them before deeming them print worthy. True, only a small percentage of letters […]


What it takes to be a social media agency. Part two.

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OK, so you still want to be a social media agency after reading part one? Got all of those capabilities down? Good, on to part two. This will either motivate you or exhaust you. Turns out there’s much to master. And, if you’re a client, and you think you can do all of this yourself, […]


What it takes to be a social media agency. Part one.


Ever notice how when the economy is booming, everyone’s a hedge fund manager?  Or at least a contractor? Well, we’re experiencing a similar phenomenon when it comes to social media. Everyone’s in the social media business and anyone can anoint himself an expert. So, just in case you want to be (or hire) a social […]


Creativity in the age of social media, part 2

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No sooner had I posted yesterday’s version of this exercise, than James Sherrett of AdHack sent me Google’s presentation from Advertising Week. While much of it doesn’t fit the true definition of social (community, conversation, sharing) it offers some great examples of what you can do with the many platforms, APIs and technology available to […]