Did CP&B’s crowdsourcing experiment backfire? Have designers created an exclusive club designed to keep newcomers out?

Go ahead; pick the headline for this post.  I’m crowdsourcing it.  There was plenty of buzz on Twitter and in the press today about whether or not CP&B’s crowdsourcing experiment for client Brammo Motorcycles backfired (No pun intended.)  The agency, in its inimitable practice of calling attention to itself, went and initiated a crowdsourced logo […]


Can we all stop agreeing with each other and have some arguments please?

One thing I notice an awful lot of are comments on blogs that start, “Great post,” or “I couldn’t agree more.”  Rarely do I see “What are you out of your mind?”  Or “Are you on crack?”  Yet I wonder if instead of simply echoing each other’s sentiments about the awesomeness of community or the […]


It may no longer be about the big idea, but those little ideas better be damn good

Don Draper in water

This week, Mitch Joel wrote a thought-provoking piece suggesting that it’s time for brands to abandon pursuit of the big idea.  As with all good posts, this one inspired lots of comments, many of them advancing the conversation, but most of them predictably agreeable. From what I can tell, however, none of those comments come […]


This film brought to you by Twitter

Anyone on Twitter knows the power of the medium.  We’ve seen one person call on his community to raise money for someone in need.  We’ve witnessed the near instant display of support for Iranian free speech.  And we observe daily big and small examples of crowdsourcing. But one of the coolest demonstrations of Twitter’s power […]


A brief conversation with author Richard Russo leads to thoughts about community


I knew Richard Russo was coming to our little neighborhood bookstore in Brewster today to sign copies of his latest novel That Old Cape Magic.  But I’d already bought the book and read it, and besides, every time a noteworthy writer shows up at the Brewster book store the lines stretch across the parking lot. […]