Crowdsourcing is here, but where it will take us?


Imagine this.  You just had a slew of ideas rejected for new mobile telephone campaign you’ve been working on.  But online, you come across a request from another mobile company looking for fresh ideas from the community.  They’re crowdsourcing for content, and you’re sitting on some.  Do you submit the work and try to win […]


Seven things Alex Bogusky should blog about


Yesterday my Twitter friend John Winsor sent me a couple of recent blog posts by Alex Bogusky.  John and I are talking crowdsourcing at a Boston Ad Club event next week and he thought Alex’s post on the subject – using the ubiquitous logo competition as an example — would be interesting. To be honest, […]


You can call me a lot of things, but please don’t call me an expert


Recently I had someone refer to me as an expert, telling a client,  “He’s our social influence expert.” In response to a request for information, someone else declared, “We’ll bring in our expert to talk to you about Twitter.” Yikes. Yes it does say something on my business card about social media, but the last […]


We need a Facebook page and we need it right away


You probably still get requests like that.  Either your own company or a client wakes up a little late and realizes that it simply can’t avoid social media any longer. Perhaps it suddenly noticed that its largest competitor has 5000 fans on Facebook and is bragging about it in its annual report.  Maybe the urgency […]


What does it take to become a creative director?

Recently an overly ambitious young copywriter came into my office and asked, “How do I become a creative director?”  My answer was simple.  “First you’ll have to work your ass off.  Nights, weekends, whatever it takes.  Second, you’ve got to be incredibly prolific.  Plan on coming up with at least 12 ideas for every project […]