Would you give aid to a tiny, helpless robot that fell into a pothole?


Chances are you would.  At least this is the conclusion that Kacie Kinzer has come to. The NYU graduate student has been conducting an experiment on the sidewalks of Manhattan where she sets free her small, human-dependent robots and observes. The tiny, 10-inch smiling Tweenbots, able to move only in a straight line at a […]


10 steps to launching a new product using social media


Recently Mullen had a wonderful experience working with Olympus to launch its new E-P1, the world’s smallest interchangeable lens camera.  This beautifully designed camera shoots great stills and HD video.  As a content creating machine, it seemed the perfect product to bring to life in the social media space.  After all, aren’t YouTube, Flickr and […]


A Flip Mino, a Twitter account and a little social media knowledge will not make anyone a marketer


Social media is a wonderful thing.  For practically nothing, any brand or individual can create a presence online, produce and distribute original content, find an audience and maybe even turn them into followers. Of course as the saying goes, “that and $3.00 will buy you a latte.” To think that employing social media will actually […]


The difference between advertising and social media: it’s all in the terminology


If you want a simple understanding of the difference between advertising and social media, look no farther than some of the terminology we use to describe what we do. In advertising we have the target audience. These are the people we hope to hit with our messages.  We don’t know any of these people personally, […]