The hot new drugs: good for focus, not for creativity


Want to get that deck finished, show up your co-workers, impress your boss with your productivity? Try one of the many increasingly popular neuoroenhancers. You’ll have the power to avoid sleep, keep your mind clear, and stay focused on the task at hand. Perfect if you’re among the “anxious employees in an efficient-obsessed, Blackberry-equipped office […]


Where’s the line between your personal social networks and your business social networks?

Let’s assume for a moment that MySpace is the bar, Facebook is a backyard barbeque, LinkedIn is the office, and Twitter is the café.  If you’re like most of the people I know, you use at least two of these networks, often for different reasons.  You hang with friends in one place, clients or colleagues […]


Surprise. Moved to WordPress

Just moved by blog to WordPress.  Squarespace was a great platform, but seemed better suited for other things.  If you subscribed to the old version, please update our RSS here as the other feed won’t work anymore.  I’m getting a few bugs out and learning some of the differences between WP and SS, but eventually […]